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Since the early 1900s, the land that holds Kupu Hou Organic Farm had been pastured and grazed. However, 300 years earlier dryland forests of Sandalwood and Koa covered the area. Sadly, the land was deforested and became desertified. Then, over 100 years ago, alien species were introduced to help support cattle and invasive weeds overtook the property. We spent the first two years at the farm removing these alien species and weeds by hand (no herbicides!!) while simultaneously planting nitrogen fixing wind breaks and cover crops to build soil in the food areas. Native trees, shrubs and ground cover were planted in the forest areas, and over 4,500 trees have been planted since 2007. The restoration of Native Trees was supported by a grant from the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) division of the USDA.

The following species, which were selected for their Maui specificity, can be found on the farm: