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Kula Maui Mokka Coffeetm

Kupu Hou Organic Farm specializes in growing and processing Kula Maui Mokkatm, a boutique variety of coffee with a 2000 year old lineage originating in Yemen. To our knowledge, we are the only farm growing this rare and 100% certified organic coffee varietal in the world.

Kula Maui Mokka Coffeetm is grown sustainably below the shade of large, canopy trees. The extremely small bean, which is only one quarter of the size of typical shelf varieties, must be hand-picked and carefully processed by hand due to it's petite size. Most conventional coffee plantations use machinery. Here at Kupu Hou Organic Farm we use a manual coffee pulper and let the sun dry our product for us. Overtones of chocolate and roasted caramel characterize the delectable flavor of Kula Maui Mokkatm. This boutique bean and the labor intensive production create a delicious and worldly one-of-a-kind cup of coffee.

 Artisan coffee processing, step by step:

  • Selective hand-picking of the best cherries. Picking these cherries by hand takes 5x as long as picking traditional sized beans.
  • The cherries are then pulped with a hand cranked machine, separating the outer cherry hull from the bean.
  • Cherries are discarded by hand that did not pulp by the machine.
  • Parchment beans are then fermented for 12-18 hours in water, then rinsed clean with water.
  • Parchment beans dried down to the correct humidity.
  • The bean parchment layer is then removed by a hand operated mechanical hulling process.
  • Green beans are dried in the sun down to ~12% humidity.
  • The dry green beans are then rested and stored in humidity controlled environment for 6-8 weeks before roasting.
  • Our roasting is done in maximum 1 pound batches, allowing for optimal control. Additionally, our roasting is done exclusively with PV off-grid or Net metering solar power.